Life coaching is the wave of the future. Coaching, unlike psychotherapy, is focused on taking action to create the life and career you want. While coaching is often about propelling the client faster through the partnership and support of the coach, Tortoises may already feel pushed too fast.

As a successful Tortoise myself, I can support you in optimizing your success at your own pace, keeping you moving and motivated, but without pushing you farther than is reasonable and healthy for you. I help you achieve in a way that works for you, using strategies I've developed for coping with often-insufficient energy and time and finding ways to achieve goals slowly, but steadily.

As your coach, I can:

  • Validate you for who you are
  • Guide you in determining what really matters to you and letting go of what doesn't
    • Help you reframe what success means to you
  • Share my strategies for personal and time management
    • Help you to schedule and prioritize
  • Help you create short- and long-term plans of action to achieve your goals
  • For more information about coaching with Sharon Good, please visit the Good Life Coaching website at


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